“I believe that every woman is entitled to create a destiny that gives her the confidence to be herself and to live her life with happiness, fulfillment, and positivity. That way she is able to contribute to building happiness and peace in our world.” Ruth Driscoll

Ruth Driscoll is the founder and visionary behind The Life Liberator. Her mission is to support 10,000,000 sufferers of manipulative, abusive, controlling relationships into empowerment and freedom.

There is a strong reason why this vision and mission are so important to her.

Sometimes life hurls a curve-ball into your pathway and the route you thought you had chosen for your life can take a dramatically new direction. Ruth founded The Life Liberator after herself enduring the grip of a manipulative, abusive, controlling relationship with her partner.

At the time that she was existing inside this situation, she was the successful Headteacher of a large, vibrant, and challenging inner-city primary school. A school that was bracketed in the lowest 5% of socio-economic deprivation and was set on an estate where poverty, drugs, gangs, knives and even guns were hazards that the school community of young families faced daily beyond the school gates.

Ruth’s vision was to create a haven within the school and its grounds where children and parents could feel safe listened to and valued.

These are values and principles that Ruth brings now to the online haven of safety and security she has created within the support and training for The Life Liberator.

Ruth succeeded in escaping her abusive partner. But it was at the expense of her health. On her journey of recovery, she realised that to protect her health for the future, it was imperative that she resign from her rewarding but demanding role as Headteacher. This meant she had to explore a new pathway in life.

Following her experience with an abusive relationship, Ruth had burning questions to which she needed to find the answers:

What was it about him that made him so pointlessly cruel and hurtful?
What was it about her that had made her so vulnerable to his abuse and control? And what could she do to make absolutely certain this never happened to her again?

On her journey to answer these questions, Ruth came to a significant realisation. With the lengthy professional experience she had as a teacher and as a senior leader; with her personal experience of existing with an abusive situation; and with her own qualities and attributes as a person, Ruth realised that she was now perfectly placed to help others to safely release themselves from the grip of manipulation, abuse, and control. It was that startling realisation that this was her purpose.

Everything in her life thus far had led to this point.

That is how The Life Liberator came into being.